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About the Institut Pasteur

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About the Institut Pasteur

The Institut Pasteur International Network

The Institut Pasteur, centered around its Paris headquarter, established an International Network with 32 laboratories and research institutions in 26 countries as of 2019. Although each laboratory is independent, they are linked by their common missions (scientific/medical research, public health, education) and the Pasteur philosophy and values.

Each laboratory conducts research for the discovery, prevention and eradication of infectious diseases occurring in its region. The Institut Pasteur also promotes collaborative research and educational programs through the International Network, and contributes greatly to the improvement of public health on a global scale.

In January 2016, the Institut Pasteur International Network was approved as the official affiliated organization of WHO (World Health Organization), where approximately 60 major research institutes and welfare organizations are registered. Although some research institutes of the international network have been working in cooperation with WHO, this new decision will expand the cooperative relationship with WHO to the entire International Network and strengthen the alliance.

Japan and the Institut Pasteur International Network

The Institut Pasteur has many laboratories in Africa and Southeast Asia due to its history. In 2015, the Franco-Japanese plan for sustainable development, health and security in Africa was adopted by the Prime Ministers of Japan and France. This plan aims to strengthen cooperation regarding research on health, infectious diseases and tropical diseases in Africa. In particular, regarding infectious diseases, a collaboration is being considered between the Institut Pasteur, which has already begun work in Africa, and Japan's research institutions.

Furthermore, collaborative research between the Institut Pasteur in Laos and the National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM) in Japan started as part of the "Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development" in the same year.

The Institut Pasteur and the International Network cooperate with Japanese research institutions to control infectious diseases in developing countries.

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