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About Fondation Pasteur Japon
About Fondation Pasteur Japon

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About Fondation Pasteur Japon


Purpose of the Foundation and its activities

General Foundation Fondation Pasteur Japon was founded in June 2016, taking over the activities of its predecessor, NPO Association Pasteur Japon, by Institut Pasteur, a French private public interest recognized foundation.

Contributing to the health of mankind is the core mission of the Pasteur Institute, whose 32 institutes over 26 countries constitute the Pasteur Institute International Network. Fondation Pasteur Japon also plays a major role of international cooperation as a member of this network, focusing on international academic exchanges, educational activities and human resources training.

Specifically, it promotes interaction among researchers across various research institutes overseas, mainly in France and Asian and African countries, enhances human resources by providing scholarships and introduces cutting-edge research information and knowledge in the field of life sciences in the form of seminars and symposiums. It aims to contribute to the promotion of science and technology and to the improvement of public health by reaching out to students, researchers and the general public.

General Foundation
Fondation Pasteur Japon
June 15 2016
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dr.Isabelle Buckle (Executive Vice-President for Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnerships, Institut Pasteur)
Representative Director, Executive Director
Mr. Osamu Shimizu (Professor, Faculty of Political Economics, Waseda University)
Dr. Jeniffer Heurley, Dr. Didier Marty-Dessus, Mr. Shu Yoshino, Mr. Nobuhito Ishibashi, Mr. Hideo Nakamura
Statutory Auditors
Ms. Tomoko Izumi, Mr. Tetsuzo Tanikawa
Prof. Stewart Cole, Mr. Masatoshi Watanabe, Mr. Ichiro Kitasato, Mr. Jean Barthélemy, Mr. Laurent Dubois, Mr. Michel Lachaussée
Gallery Center Building 2nd Floor1
6-3-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyou1
General Foundation1
Fondation Pasteur Japon
TEL:03-6228-5361  FAX:03-6228-5365