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About Fondation Pasteur Japon

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About Fondation Pasteur Japon

Activities of the foundation 【Dispatch of researchers】

After its establishment in 2005, the Association Pasteur Japon has worked to promote Franco-Japanese collaboration in the field of medical science research and organized, in cooperation with the French government, the Franco-Japanese joint scholarship program, targeted towards Japanese postdoctoral researchers who wish to carry out their research at the Institut Pasteur.

This program has contributed to the growth of talented young Japanese researchers who wish to work at the global level, and the outcome of their researches have been highly regarded.

This activity of dispatching researchers was taken over by General Foundation Fondation Pasteur Japon, when it was founded in June 2016. From now on, the foundation will endeavor to reinforce interaction with researchers at the Institut Pasteur and 32 research institutes of Institut Pasteur International Network spread over 26 countries as well as with other partner institutions. Also, we aim to contribute to the improvement of public health around the world by supporting global scientific research.

In 2019, as a new challenge, we created a Franco-Japanese joint postdoctoral fellowship program supported equally by the 3 parties; the Institut Pasteur, the French Embassy in Japan and Fondation Pasteur Japon. In the framework of this program, we started the dispatch of a young researcher (who has got the degree of Ph. D in Japan) to the Institut Pasteur for 2 years.

Here is the history of dispatches to the present.

History of dispatches to the present
Ms. Jeanne-Perpétue Severe-Vincent
Project "Towards eradication of Hepatitis B in Africa" guided by Dr. Yusuke Shimakawa (1st 3 parties joint postdoctoral fellowship)
Ms. Asaki Kobayashi
Unité de Biologie Moléculaire du Gène chez les Extrêmophiles, Dépt. de Microbiologie
Mr. Hiroshi Sakai
Unité de Cellules souches et développement, Dépt. de Biologie du développement et cellules souches
Mr. Muneaki Hashimoto
Laboratoire des Processus Infectieux à Trypanosomatidés, Dépt. Infection et Epidémiologie
Ms. Mami Yamamoto
Unité Hépacivirus et immunité innée, Dépt. de Virologie
Ms. Satoko Tokuda
Unité de Génétique fonctionnelle de la Souris, Dépt. de Biologie du Développement
Mr. Toru Aoki
Trafic membranaire et Pathogenèse, Dépt. De Biologie Cellulaire et Infection
Mr. Eizo Takashima
Unité de Génétique et Génomique des Insectes Vecteurs, Dépt. Parasites et insectes vecteurs
Ms. Naoko Sato
Unité des Cytokines et Développement Lymphoide, Dépt. d'Immunologie
Ms. Tomoko Ishino
Unité Postulante de Biologie et génétique du Paludisme, Dépt. Parasites et insectes vecteurs
Mr. Jun Komatsu
Unité Postulante de Stabilité des Génomes, Dépt. Génomes et Génétique
Mr. Hiroyuki Katagiri
Unité Perception et Mémoire Olfactive, Dépt. de Neuroscience
Mr. Yusuke Watanabe
Unité de Génétique Moléculaire du Développement, Dépt. de Biologie du Développement
Ms. Yuko Makita
Unité Génétique des Génomes Bactériens, Dépt. Génomes et Génétique